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        Aims and Objectives of the Department, For Which the same is Established, Are as under -1 - To create brotherhood, humanity, honesty, and discipline.To establish libraries, entertainment facilities and cultural centers for all human being.To work for the upliftment of the community irrespective of the cast color and creed. To run the school / education inst. / smoothly and uncourageous and get the approval of the same in ALL INDIA state of the country after permission by the concerned authority.To make schools, Educational & professional institute, Construction of building or land and approve the same from concerned authority.To make correspondence in lawful manners with the authority concerned for the solution of social / civic problems of the members of the department.To make efforts for the educational, welfare development of women, Children and Backwards SC/ST and other backwards in the rural area throughout of the ALL INDIA eradication of social - evils such as Dowry system early aged marriage (bal - Vivah), wastage of money in the various functions etc. To communicate with educational and other concerned Department with in the ALL INDIA areas to promote measure the protection of Indian cultural through education.To acquire purchase, take on lease/on rent other wise acquire land and building and other properties movable or immovable which the department for the purpose thereof may thinks proper to acquire after approved by the concerned authority as per govt. rule.To educate the people of there right, duties in a democratic setup of it department and promote activity for the eradication of social evils. At the International level and security will be taken care off, and other things apart from other things, and at the international level politics Economic, social activities will be given top priority. National and International Security will be inaugurated and the administrators will observe the conditions prevailing over one or two countries will sign the treaty will be observed by the observers Economics and the social activities and other things which will be carried out by the entire nation, will be done and helped and on International level peace and security be done which committee will decide. To recognize on the International level and their problems will be solved. To The president will fix all the programs on international and entire national level. At the International level the president will be In charge and had to go according to the program.

        Multinational who has appointed as Director and other related matters, to stop crime and International Terrorism will have to be stopped and should work on top priority. Multinational Sangh"s one part in which main objective will be to save other members security. Redevelopment work has to be carried out by Multinational members. Development work for mother and child's census has to be care off like good cloth wearing, pure water, education and things etc. will be taken care off. To accept the request, gifts donations, grant in aid and subscriptions to accumulate and proof funds or endowments and or to invest sum and apply the income arising their from to use the capital thereof any of the objects of the Departments. To publish paper, books, charts, periodicals, illustrations and other publications for the achievements of the aims objects of the Department.To do all other such things may be conducive to the development of the education, commerce, technical and medical education's and entertainment to attempt of above objects or any of them. To perform all such act, as may be necessary for the achievements and accomplishment of the above mentioned aims and objects. To strive to eradicate social evils like dowry systems caution the messages against the use of drugs and to counter bail the strident force of terrorism. To run schools, colleges, playgrounds, coaching centers, libraries, voluntary welfare organizations, and other similar activities and institutions and polluting centers. Higher education institute etc. After approved by the competent authority EFA, audit education specially for the girls of between 15 and 35 years of age to give them basic education and to tech them the skills to stand on their own feet as per Govt rule.To under take various activities that will arouse and develop the felling of the unity and affections amongst the members of the Department.To work for the welfare of the students, teachers, deserving parents and weaker sections of the Departments. Due to Changing trend of transport system to keep a watch and giving its report and development of transport should be given to various departments. Poverty line should be wiped out to keep health and need help from all the countries. In the development countries people should to get aware of that for which we need help. The development countries population's problem should be sorted out and you should come out to help these people and also to get aware of family planning program. To arrange fund for the newly developed countries and other developmental countries and should encourage. Under developed countries and development countries people should get good food and to arrange a proper manure, for which we get encouragement. Living and dress code should be encouraged and the entire manure and agriculture development should be done in proper manner. More and super of nuclear, peace, health and human resources should contact the concerned department. Should protect the refugee who has taken shelter from the international level and their difficulties. To help poor people should get financial development and help with the money and help them the aware technologies. Nation 's poor members to get them citizenship and help them with financial funds. The center will take responsibility to help them through World Bank to help the whole country. To help World Bank for which one should work hard for their personal development and increase them tremendously, so that the work can be completed soon. With the help of international community the worker's problems should properly done and their life should go on top level and should help the unemployed persons should get employ. New technology's awareness should be given priority to international citizens whom have to be done property Our main objective is that al international's be increased and inaugurate them same. A member of international community has any problems in doing so it should be brought to the notice to economic department. To get member of all countries and their business o get success so that with more development, and it should brought to the notice to members the Department and should encourage them with security to them. All the should be brought together and Department's development and their rules to be encourage.To get relief from war victims. All countries should help one another and their relationship which can be done with the help of all nation's member's should help their programs and other rules. We should come together to help all the countries to wipe out poverty and improve their way of living. We should improve and help the appointed members of the countries. We should help and improve the developmental countries and agriculturist to speed up their work and their future programs apart from this we should get them aware of the latest technology and should implement new programs and get them profitable in all categories. We should get the entire countryman to improve their helt and that's our top priority. We should get weather, science technology in the international level and how their new technology is progressing to get them success and should force them to make I profitable. For this we have to inform information department so that the latest technology has reached to the public through information. All members of the countries middle class business, and their investment should be developed. Our all countries members business and invest to be develop and members of the countries should get aware of it. Economic situation and other technology should be encouraged, and have to make programs relating to the development, the entire countries with their rules and programs to be forward. Entire India's economic to be develop on a fast track which will be on high agenda. Every members of country's capital will have their own secretariat in which secretary will be appointed and he will take care of the development. The programs should be implemented on economic technology and education by all the members of the country. Time and again if their is any problem arises we should come together and solve problems and low and order should maintained by the international business regarding. We should encourage the citizens on every ground on the occasion of every Independence Day and republic day, which will be taken by the department, which will be in favor India. The entire nations should come forward to wipe out the poverty and help the needless persons and get them justice and them out of reach of any corruption. Poor and penniless people should get laws help.The government should come forward to help penniless people. We should inform the department's officials about the misuses of government funds by the village panchyat and should stop them and get benefit of profit to be my Help of law, and the programs help should be made to the poor people. Should take help from law and help them. We should stop crime and help them get justice and catch the real culprit and he should be punished according to law. We should set up a committee to seek help of law. Village mukhiya, president, block president and district president and other workers beside mandal officials should get their salary.Health care center, introduction of school, etc. should be made at village and city level and true investigation to be made before inaugurating the work. This work should start immediately. We should get free medical aid to the children at the village level and see that they will get good food. We should stop the diseases, which transmit to others at the village level. We should stop child marriage and get them the right path. Timely polio drops to be given to tiny tots time and again. The increases in the pollution in the villages should be stopped for which we should plants trees and clean up the dirty water. Family planning and senses should stopped. We should start excreting in the village or given education to the uneducated people. The widowed women who is having one or more children should be taken care of. State workers and other government workers, who take bribe, should be reported to the higher officials and get them punished for which we should work hard. We should improve the farmer pension and widow pension and handicapped pension should brought in immediately. Should get awareness fresh and pure drinking water. We should inaugurate childcare sitting and educational institute of small tiny tots. Should inaugurate exercise grounds. Bonded labour should be stopped. Should encourage religious community artist. All the small disputes, which arise in small villages, should sopped then and there. We should help and get remarried widows in the age group of 25to 40 from the government. We should help unemployed youth for which small - scale industries to be set up in villages. Handicapped persons in the villages should educated properly and for which we require baishaki and tricycle to be provided to hem.To start and help human arises.We should encourage people through seminars, roadside dramas. We should inform to the people of the awareness of law through media. We should Help the poor people through funding programs. Flood affected and fire accidental people should get help get them security and help them with medicine's. We should take shelter in the government accommodation in case of any emergency in the department. New technology has to be introduced in the villages where farmers plough their field and should provide them with good manure and latest technology should be provided to encourage hem. Village patta should be distributed amongst the villagers who are not having any land and or which is under dispute. We should get justice to the unwanted court cases going on. Wood, blankets and other warm clothes to be distributed in the villages during winter season. To give punishment to the concerned person who is creating have in the village. People should get aware of the law and order on humanitarian's grounds.Should get brought the notice of the corrupted people in the law of courts and get them punished.To encourage women and their oneness and see that they come forward to work together.One should understand disputes regarding policy and encourage them to fight for it. We should keep a watch on the problems faced by the people in the private or government department. The officials should punish the government employee's youth police who crate have amongst the people.Strict action should taken the against the culprits who have swindled money from government of India. According to the Indian constitutional act the case should go from civil courts to get the culprits punished. For the sake of village and city people if there is any dispute the same should be brought to the notice of village panchayat on top priority. Nuisance songs or CD's programs is organized, then the same should be brought to the notice or higher officials and investigation should be made immediately on top priority. Department can raise loan from any financial institution/banks for smooth running and development of Department work. Department can have affiliation with renowned educational institutes/universities outside ALL INDIA. To appoint trained teachers and staffs of smoothly run of the school. To look after the said schools by the managing committee.

        G.O.for Observation:- Development of entire India and to get justice and from city to village, village observer, justice Incharge, Block president, District level president & Mandal president and social worker has been appointed along with new Technology from village to city has been surveyed at the village level will be given the report to the administration will be working for seeking justice. After observation it has been decided that many programs will be started which in the Agenda of the Department. It has been decided in the meeting that according to the demand the members will be recognize in which all members will be start new searching which has been observed and report will be submitted so. It has been decided. The entire nation's members and their political activities and Armed force's plan and programs development should work together and peace should be brought within members of all national and to help them develop. Work in case of any attack on the war front, one should protect themselves and other and work together with peaceful manner and a international level the international economic level and their future plans should be wiped out and encourage the economic situation as by the govt. rule. Our main motive is to wipe out Terrorism and those who are against particular religious community as by the govt. rule. We should fight against the injustice meted out to the various countries who are coming out together in education, science and other religious matters to develop and bring justice to them as by the govt. rule. The Founder President Mohan Bharti to Department has already achieved their mission on the basis of secret report in year 2002 in which the government will get good helping hand and it will run smoothly according to the demand with the latest technology. After every 3 month a secret report will be made public on the basis of their report and the same will be submitted to the Government. This way Department will be abiding by the law as by the government rule.Sales of duplicate medicines, which are being sold in the market, should be investigated and get them punished which has to be atoned immediately as by the govt. rule.Mentioned above have given this secret report to this Department, and law and order, Constitutional Act, which will be working accordingly. State Indian trust Act. 1882 and Religious and Charitable Institution Registration Act. 1920 should be done accordingly. Constitutional amendment 39 - regarding the direction given by the court of law should be amended. Under Act. 1882 other my Department will look after the law and order Situation which is a must for India and its development and justice to given. The same is enclosed.