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        Development of entire India and to get justice and from city to village, village observer, justice In charge, Block president, District level president & Mandal president and social worker has been appointed along with new Technology from village to city has been surveyed at the village level will be given the report to the administration will be working for seeking justice. After observation it has been decided that many programs will be started which in the Agenda of the Department. It has been decided in the meeting that according to the demand the members will be recognize in which all members will be start new searching which has been observed and report will be submitted so. It has been decided. The Founder President Mohan Bharti to Department has already achieved their mission on the basis of secret report in year 2002 in which the government will get good helping hand and it will run smoothly according to the demand with the latest technology. After every 3 month a secret report will be made public on the basis of their report and the same will be submitted to the Government. This way Department will be abiding by the law as by the government rule. Mentioned above have given this secret report to this Department, and law and order, Constitutional Act, which will be working accordingly. State Indian trust Act. 1882 and Religious and Charitable Institution Registration Act. 1920 should be done accordingly. Constitutional amendment 39-regarding the direction given by the court of law should be amended. Under Act. 1882 other my Department will look after the law and order Situation which is a must for India and its development and justice to given. The same is enclosed.

        The Designation and work area- A1-state-village court =sdisd Detective President, A2-state-village court =sdisd Detective Secretary A3-state-village court =sdisd Detective cashier A4-state-village court =sdisd Detective Record Supervisor A5-state-village court =sdisd Detective Collerk, **,,B6-state-village court =sdisd Detective Low Sub,Magistrate B7-state-village court =sdisd Detective inspector, B8-state-village court =sdisd Detective Information Magistrate, B9-state-village court =sdisd Detective S.T.F., **,,C10-Mandal -village court =sdisd Detective President, C11-Mandal- village court =sdisd Detective Secretary C12-Mandal- village court =sdisd Detective cashier C13-Mandal- village court =sdisd Detective Record Supervisor C14-Mandal- village court =sdisd Detective Collerk, **,,D15-Mandal-village court =sdisd Detective Low Sub,Magistrate D16-Mandal-village court =sdisd Detective inspector, D17-Mandal -village court =sdisd Detective Information Magistrate, D18-Mandal-village court =sdisd Detective S.T.F., **,,E19-District-village court =sdisd Detective President, E20- District-village court =sdisd Detective Secretary E21- District-village court =sdisd Detective cashier E22- District-village court =sdisd Detective Record Supervisor E23- District-village court =sdisd Detective Collerk, **,,F24- District-village court =sdisd Detective Low Sub,Magistrate F25- District-village court =sdisd Detective inspector, F26- District-village court =sdisd Detective Information Magistrate, F27- District-village court =sdisd Detective S.T.F., **,,G28-Block- village court =sdisd Detective Information Magistrate,**,, H29-Villege- village court =sdisd Detective Information Magistrate, The wanted to working for in wipe out the crime, corruption & exploitation and give the right justice to the people and to create brotherhood, humanity, honesty and discipline among them.